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GDPR Readiness

With our GDPR Readiness Consultancy services, we’ll carry the burden of making sure that your organization is fully GDPR compliant. Utilising industry’s best practices, our experienced team of GDPR subject matter experts will provide you the services needed to succeed.

The readiness consultancy package is a set of advisory services, that covers every step in the GDPR life cycle. From information acquisition to detailed GAP Analysis, we can help you support any given step in the full process.

This service package is already divided into three tailor made packages. The consultancy part is the final step in our fully customized package, also being the pinnacle of our ATIC 360 GDPR Solutions.

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Consultancy Packages

Starter Package

Short assessment Duration: 2-3 days

This is our basic package, and the shortest available. During this 2-day service, we start by meeting face-to-face to give you a brief understanding on what needs to be done. We’ll continue by providing you a general idea on the gap analysis and how the compliance will be achieved within your organisation. You can mix and match this service with our cloud software. Our advice and recommendations will be the foundation when realising the compliance utilizing the cloud software.


12500 € (one time)

495 € per month optional for cloud software

Compliance package

Most Popular

Customized assessment Duration: 1 week

This service includes a detailed assessment of maturity and current status of compliancy contrasted to needed future compliancy. During a detailed meeting with all stakeholders involved, all current procedures and existing gaps in processes will be identified. This data will in turn give us the needed insight to advise you on recommended changes in policies and processes.. When all the data protection points are identified, and you have a good grasp on what needs to be addressed, we will customise our cloud platform based on those requirements. It’s up to you if you prefer to use our cloud quality management or your already existing systems.


27500 € (one time)

495 € per month optional for cloud software

Ultimate Package

Full Service Package

During this complete service, we take full control and responsibility of making sure that your organisation and offerings are all GDPR compliant. Our team will start by looking at the current environment and policies, highlight and discuss the points which needs to be considered for GDPR compliance and finally start the work on putting the new policies and procedures in place. Alongside this we make sure to train and certify your staff through a knowledge transfer, in order to ensure longevity and stability in your GDPR compliance.


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DIY Approach

Fancy certifying as DPO (Data Protection Officer) and doing it yourself? Choose from the following steps!

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